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Sheiks, rattles and rolls



Well arrived at Valencia station at 12.30 in the morning for the 00.51 to Granada. Boarded the train and then found my compartment. It consisted of 2 bunkbeds so I opted for the lower one. My fellow travllers were all Spanish so I decided not to use my bad Spanish. Anyway all the rest of them wanted to do was sleep. So I sorted my bags out, set my alarm for 08.00 and then decided to sleep on my bed as the train pulled out for Valencia. Interestingly, they have straps on the bed that you can use to strap yourself to the bed, should you have the misfortune of rolling out as the train rattles along. I must say this only happened once, to some embarrassment to me and much anoyance to my co travellers. Deciding to strap myself to the bed, I had thoughts that I may have dreams about being on the back of an ambulance rushed to hospital. Not that I have suffered this experience, but this scenario must be the closest thing to it. As I drifted in and out of sleep, I could here the rattle of the train against the track, the gaseous releases from the guy in the bed above me and the pig-like snoring of the guy in the bunk bed opposite. Needless to say, not much sleep was had. I woke at 07.30 washed and went to the cafeteria coach on the train. The young girl apologised profusely for the broken coffee machine as I opted for juice and a stale roll. Finally arriving at Granada on time I caught my first glimpse of this historic town. With the famous Alhambra palaces in the distance thoughts of Arab Sheiks and Catholic kings came to mind. I coudn´t wait to get to know this city.

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Agua de Valencia


Just a note on my final night in Valencia I had what the locals call agua de Valencia. Basically it is orange juice, spices, champagne & vodka. Very nice indeed!

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I am not a celebrity and I can´t get out of here !


Stayed another night in Valencia last night and had huevas con sepia to eat - basically cuttlefish eggs. It can only be described as something I will not choose to eat in future. Unfortunately, unlike the above mentioned TV, show I was not able to spit it out as the waiter was standing next to me short of washing down with beer, it will quite probably be one of the memories I will actively choose to forget about my travels. Still hot it is 5.30 pm here & my train to Granada is not until 00.51 arriving at 08.40 tomorrow. So just walking around Valencia before going back to Hotel for some kip in next 30 mins before getting up again about 00.00 for the train stattion just across the road. More from the Alhambra, Granada tomorrow & then the big one Seville for 4 nights starting Thurs!! Hasta luego

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Granada es no manana


Just went to Valencia train station to book my trip to Granada just to find out there are no trains until Tuesday morning. Oh well means another night in Valencia & now only one night in Granada as then onto Seville & then back to Catalunia. Looking forward ´not´ to the 8 hour train journey on Tues morning at 00.51 arriving at 8.40 at Granada. At least you get a bed on the Trenhotel also and a separate cabin so should be fun. As soon as I get off I am going straight to the Alhambra as only in Granada one night & in Seville for 4 nights after before going back to Catalonia. Oh well hasta leugo and more from my overnight accomodation on a train and from Granada to follow shortly!

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Valencia & bashing the bongos

Hide the bongos that nutters back!


Arrived in Valencia yesterday from Tortosa. An altogether more exiciting propsect. Hotel is just next to the modernista El Norde station and the colleseum like bull ring. City is easy to walk around and has stunning castles & museums. Also has a great nightlife. Walked around a few bars & then ended up in a bar called Johnny Maracas. It is a great bar where all of the best looking women go to dance to nothing but salsa tunes spun by the DJ. Now this sort of music is not normally my scene but with all ages, shapes & sizes, of varying degrees of drunkeness, swaying to the latin beats the music eventually gets you. What gets you going also is the maracas & bongos that they had out to people to have a go on and all of the bar staff play along to the music behind the bar! I also tried out my broken Spanish on some senoritas to a not altogether negative audience. Although by the end of the night I only had the set of bongos for company. In fact I wouldn´t be suprised if I was barred as I was banging the bongos in the bar all night to the rythyms of the music. But so were many of the other patrons of the bar. Seriously though had a great night, made a few friends & probably back there tonight. Although at first sight of me they will probably say hide the bongos that nutters back! Still another day & night in Valencia for tomorrow. I have visited the ciudad de las artes y las ciencias - an amazing building complex. I have some great photos of this totally modern building & will probably go back there again tomorrow. Monday in Alicante. Further postings to follow. Hasta leugo!

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