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Case found, rainin' in Memphis now & a pig with attitude!

I got my case back. Went to Sun Studios today - a really good tour and took more photos. There is one of me pretending to sing on the actual 1950s microphone that was actually used by Elvis and BBKING etc when they recorded! Met more friendly people out on Beale Street - which is crazy for nightlife & live blues in every bar also. And its a lot cheaper than New York. Was in BBKings bar & grill until 4.00 am today. Also I bought a guitar and got 15 dollars for singing! I am bringing it down to Mississipi when I go- still got 3 nights & 2 days in Memphis so lots to see. I am going back out on Beale Street tonight for some 'pulled pork' at the PIG ON BEALE - PORK WITH ATTITUDE - you will see what I mean when you see the photos.

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Hot and Humid & without a case!

29 °C

Arrived in Memphis - first thing you notice is two words - hot & humid! (o.k 3 WORDS if you count and!) I have now been here about an hour. The hotel is great & so is the hospitality. Unfortunately, my case is still in Cincinatti - it will arrive later tonight. Oh well, will not worry, I am now out onto Beale Street for the blues, bud and some southern hospitality! Ready to party on a Saturday night Southern style. I am staying in Memphis for 4 nights & then onto Mississipi via coach which is only 1 hour & half away. So time to party southern style as my next plane is not for a week to Vegas - more updates to follow tomorrow after I have been on Beale Street for real blues music!!

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Flight today from JFK was smooth to Cincinatti - stopped here for 10 mins took a picture whilst running for plane to Memphis.

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sunny 29 °C

What I missed out from New York yesterday was the famous Burp Bar. Went there yesterday the have like a fake mural with monks along the walls. But what is even better is when you order your drink they say shhh to you as it is a monks bar. Apparently, on weekends the bar staff even dress up as monks! And say shhh to you when you order your beer!!

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A Beer & A Curry in East Village !

Walked from Midtown New York yesterday to East Village. Went to a mad bar that has been in New York since 1854 & they have not changed it since. They only have two types of beer on draft - light or dark and they serve it in old half pint mugs & you get two whether you want them or not! I tried the light & the dark - both excellent. They have the beer barrels outside on the street and even still have the sawdust on the wooden floor.

Then went onto a bar where they have 300 beers from around the world. Met some great people yesterday in this bar. Met up with a Canadian guy & his wife originally from New York & a guy from Chicagco who was originally Swansea whos grandad comes from Solihull! - he now lives in Chicago with his girlfriend who he was with also. Great people, we all ended up going for a few beers & then ended up going for a curry afterwards! We had a small fahal taster also - not as hot as at home!

Shared a cab with them back to Midtown & then I went back about 11.00 to hotel & then catched the last lift up the Empire State which is only around the corner from my hotel, for some last minute photos & then went to a good bar around the corner for a night cap. Had a great last evening in a great town! But, onto another today - yes by this evening I will be rockin with the king in the south - bring on Memphis, rock & roll and the blues!!!!

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