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No money in Vegas & Hot, Hot, Hot

sunny 32 °C

Arrived in Vegas from Memphis 2 days ago. The first evening didn't go well as my bank put a hold on my ATM card as they wanted to know who was using it in Vegas. However, after a quick ID check they reactivated it so now all is o.k. It did mean that my first night in Vegas was spent in my hotel room though chomping on Nachos & drinking chocolate milk - not very exciting start. I was out walking the Las Vegas Boulevard yesterday- not a good idea at 1.30 in the afternoon as 3 wors for Vegas HOT, HOT , HOT. Even when there is a breeze it is a hot breeze so it constantly feels like you are walking in front of a hairdryer. Stopped off at a few of the casinos on the way - not to gamble just to have a look inside. Saw 'The Big Elvis' in the lounge at the Imperial & went into the Sahara & the Venetian & saw the gondelers! Got some great photos - but also got mild sunstroke, well not that bad, but you don't notice the heat until how it affects you later. Luckily did not get burnt. Vegas is a funny town & you realise quickly that one of the reasons that it is a 24 hour town is that it is too damn hot to do anything in the daytime so all the Hotels/casinos & alot of the clubs have to be open 24 hours in order to make money. Also you notice very quickly two distinct types of people in Vegas, the gambler - who never smiles, is perhaps a chain smoker & the last time they look like they went outside was 1972. The other type of person (of which I'd like to put myself in this category) is the type that is severely or mildly sunburnt, always smiling and always getting lost in the magnitude of their own hotel. Anyway have a great time and an early night tonigh (Tues night) USA time as I am off to the Grand Canyon at 6.45 tomorrow morning. The trip involves vip airconditioned, tinted 4x4 van to take you direct from your Hotel IN vEGAS TO THE HELIPORT, WHERE you fly to Grand Canyon & take in the Hoover Dam, land on the base, taken by horsedrawn wagon to a ranch to have a champagne lunch, then waLK ABOUT A BIT, THEN SCENIC flight on the helicopter again through & in the canyon & back to vegas hotel door for 4.30 pm. I will be takin 2 sun hats, sun factor 50 & 3 litres of water & my camera fully charged up! Should be a great trip & as I don't hit San Fransisco until next Monday 21st, I still have loads of time to party in Vegas for the rest of the week. More updates to follow from Vegas !!!!!!

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The Delta Blues

It is with a sad heart that I travel away from Clarksdale to Memphis for one night at the airport hotel there tonight. Last night was at Reds Lounge in Clarksdale - one of the few remaining juke joints in the south - the atmosphere was electric with musicians getting up to jam all night. Also today there are amazing blues musicians on the street as there is a music festival. I don't want to leave here so I suppose I've got the Delta Blues! Still meeting amazing people. Well, on the Greyhound back up for the 1 hour & half trip back up to Memphis - where I will be staying at the airport hotel before an early morning flight out to Vegas tomorrow. So it is with much love I say goodbye to the South. Now Vegas, Grand Canyon & San Fransisco to come! Updates to follow!

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In the Delta

Finally managed to find somewhere to update blog. Arrived in Clarksdale Mississipi a few days ago. Arrived from Memphis to the bus station & then got a cab where the windscreen was cracked right across- luckliy the ride was only 2 miles. Arrived at ground zero blues club. Saw 2 bands on first night and had fried green tomatoes - very good. Second night sat out on the porch whilst there was a storm & played slide on my stella guitar & people were coming out to listen. Also played and sang on the open mic night & it went down well. Went to the crossroads & sold my soul - by having a beef bbq sandwich at Abes across the road. Also still meeting up with amazing people - met Pinetop Perkins today & got my photo with him. I am now staying at the Riverside Hotel - where Bessie Smith passed away, I am statying in the John Lee Hooker room - where he used to stay quite often- with original 1940s furniture. The rooms are clean and the owner - known as Rat just loves having people come in the walkway at day just so he can show them around & he is really friendly to everyone. I also visted Reds Lounge around the corner - a real juke joint. I have one more night in Clarksdale - I am seing a real blues band tonight at ground zero blues club & the riverside hotel (where I am now statying is just across thje road). Then back to Memphis airport tomorrow, but my bus from Clarksdale isn't until 4 so I can have a drink & Rat said that I could have the room until 12 & he will drive me to Clarksdale bus station tomorrow, so I can get the bus back to Memphis & then just one night at Memphis Airport hotel & then on with Vegas, Grand Canyon & San FrANSISCO still all to come! Updates to follow!

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Met the King & His Tailor & Then the FBI!

32 °C

Went to Graceland yesterday - a great tour - anyone who likes rock & roll & all types of popular music should do this tour it is excellent. It was a moving experience standing at Elvis's graveside. I then went on to a local hotel to see the world famous ducks - I will save the surpise for the photos! Then I went to Elvis's tailor in the 50s & 60s - got my photo taken with him (now in his 80s) in the store behind a photo of him & Elvis in the 50s. Also bought a great shirt from there - 2 ply 100% cotton white with a blue pattern just on the front & pleated running down- that should be great for Vegas - and a better souvenir than just a postcard! I was out on Beale again last night & had a great time again - bought some CDs of some of the bands & a T-shirt & all of them were signed. Also met in BBKings 2 girls from Chicago from the Office of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco - I joked with them that they seemed to be having a good time on federal expenses ----- they joked as they carried guns in their day jobs, that they would walk out of the club first and then take me down on the sidewalk! But really had a good time at BBKings and the girls from Chicago recommended the fried green tomatoes in Clarksdale - where I am catching the greyhound to in 2 hours for some Delta blues. Along with my case & bag, I am taking the guitar that I bought on Beale Street with me for open mic spot tomorrow night where I am staying! Well hopefully, they will not ask me to check out earlier than I was going to - like a day earlier! Should be a great experience! More updates to follow!

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The Mayor Of Memphis

sunny 30 °C

Had a great couple of days & nights agin in Memphis. Met a great couple from Boston the other night. Also met people from Chicago & met Rudy Williams 'The Mayor of Memphis' - the oldest street musician on Beale Street - he had some amazing stories and used to play trumpet with Louis Armstrong also the cab driver driving back to the Hotel picked up Sam Phillips one time a few years ago. This place can get addictive if you like the music - you walk down Beale Street where the sounds of early rock & roll & blues spill out onto the street from the open windows of the bars, the music can become a drug, where the musicians play for money but also play for the love of the music. Off the Graceland now & then to take pictures of the Mississipi & then one more night in Memphis & then heading down to the Delta to Clarksdale for a few nights.

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