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Smell the Haight man!


Saw Liverpool lose yesterday. Then took a cab to the famous hippy hang out street - Haight Street. Walked past famous Boom Boom Room blues club & the Fillmore music venue. Then walked onto Haight Street - canabis is legal in this area of San Fransisco & they have 'coffee houses'. How do you know you are on Haight Street? Well, a non tobacco smell gets stronger the closer you get to the Street - I will leave you to guess what I am on about! The street had some weird & wonderful shops & so were the people - some of which looked like they were still trying to come down from some 60s trip! Houses around this area are stunning & probably worth a bit also! Then went out again around the North Beach area & ended up playing guitar again outside a bar & went down really well! Even though I had had a few 'beverages' by then! Going to Chinatown & the Golden Gate Bridge today. My journey is almost over - I have just the rest of today - it is 11.00 am here &then fly out tomorrow at 4.30 pm USA time back to the UK to arrive Saturday 10.30 AM uk time. I have gone from Metropolises & Liberty Islands, to the sultry sounds of Tennesee & the Crossroads in the Delta, to the heat & excitement of the Canyons of the Midwest & Vegas, to the laid back & easy livin of the West Coast. Finally reaching the Golden Bridges today. What a journey!!! PS Photos will be downloaded when I arrive back in UK!!!!! So still view this site in the next few days!!!! Also, my Spanish travels begin in a week from now! Look for more postings from Espana!!

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Getting off Alcatraz!

Had good first night in San Fransisco - found a bar that does all types of liquer coffees - called Buena Vista - stayed there pretty much of the night. Then went to an irish bar that had live music & met some girls from Texas. Then yesterday, went to Alcatraz- the trip is only 5 mins from the bay as it is only 1 mile & a half from the bay. Got splashed on the ferry trying to take some good photos. Alcatraz Island was amazing - saw Al Capones cell & some amazing stories there. The one thing that also strikes you is the tremendous views you get looking back at the Bay from the Island. In fact, on the audio tour - one of the former inmates said it was so frustrating for them went they went out for their daily walks to see the whole of San Fransisco Bay everyday - so near but so far. The views are that good that you have to force yourself to go back on the boat. Went out again in the evening - had a fried shrimp & lobster bucket at Bubba Gumps Resturant - it is all based on the Forest Gump movie & food is excellent. Then went up to North Beach - not actually a beach, but a district! Some great bars there for live music. Going to the Golden Gate today & the John Lee Hooker blues club - Boom Boom Room & to the world famous Filmore & out on town again tonight. As a side note, the one thing that tells you are in California is that everyone you talk to is either a musician or making a film or a scriptriter - even the cabbies! More updates to follow!

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Comedy, into the Stratosphere & down by the Bay

sunny -6 °C

Enjoyed last night in Vegas with 2 shows that were really good. One was a comedian & the other show was then at a different Hotel & was magic/acrobatics. Finished my last night in Vegas with a beer onto of the world famous Stratosphere. And then put it all on red on the roullette table (well actually only $20 but it came up so I got my bet & another $20 back so I was happy!) Got flight to San Fransisco today - only took an hour & half. Temperature a lot more agreeable 70 F! So I am able to walk around! Hotel is nice. The first thing that hits you about San Fransisco - even on the taxi ride from the airport, is how beautiful the town is! Oh well only 3.00 pm Monday here & I do not fly out until Friday to the UK so with Map in hand I am going to explore Fishermans Wharf & the Bay area & then out on the town later! More updates to follow - know this one is not that interesting, but give me a chance I've only just checked in! More updates from 'The Bay' to follow!

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Real ale, fish & chips & ques - in Vegas!?

sunny 32 °C

Went around town doing a day tour of the hotels yesterday. Some I will never stay in for lack of funds - but took photos of such as BeLLAGIO. Went into a real pub where I was had real ale for the first time since New York and real proper fish & chips - served by a guy from New York originally - called Rich. The food was good & reminded me of back home. Then went onto a few other hotels. Then went back to the hotels in the evening tried to get into the Pussycat Dolls Lounge Nightclub but the que was too long. So went to Rios for a beer. I got to thinking, with the real ale, the fish & chips and the ques it was like being back at home in the UK! Apart from the hot women & the hot weather! Might go and see a comedy show later tonight & then on to a club again later. More updates to follow!

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Wow & wow!

sunny 32 °C

Went to the Grand Canyon yesterday. One word - wow! That is the word that all of us said on the helicopter when we swooped onto the start of the west rim yesterday. 5 of us that were staying at the hotel were picked up at 6.45 am in an airconditioned 4x4 with tinted windows. We went through the 'DRY' county (no liquor) of Boulder County - the cleanest place I've seen in the world - probably because no one drinks! Then we were taken to the Hoover Dam - an amazing piece of engineering - no mater how many timnes you look at it you cannot get your head around how something so big was bulit into sheer rock. Then we were taken into the dessert further. Eventually we came across the Grand Canyon Ranch on the West Rim of the Canyon. This is a working ranch with real cowboys & horses. It has accomodation for people to stay in comprising of ranch houses & indian teepee replicas. A gun fight was reinacted for us. Then we were taken by horse drawn wagon to the heliport site about 5 mins away. We all loaded onto the helicopter & we traveled across the flat Mohave dessert. In fact - i intially thought this is a little flat for the Grand Canyon. The pilot was friendly enough & he was playing the theme from the Superman movies on his tape player - but it could have done with fixing as it kept getting chewed up in his player! Anyhow, as I thought, this was a little flat for the actual Canyon, then the pilot said to all of us 'Are you ready for the Grand Canyon folks?' Well, a second after this we came across the Canyon itself - everyone let out an almost simultaneous 'Wow' over their headphones. An amazing vista opens up both in terms of distance & depth. No photos can portray the overwhelming beauty & magnitude of the canyon. It is truly only something that can be experienced. We had no wind & a clear view right across so the pictures that I got were good but nothing compared to experiencing it for yourself. It is not something that you can really put into words and I am still trying to come down from the experience now! After the helicopter flight, we were given bbq chicken & beans back at the ranch - where we were given songs by the cowboys & the history of the ranch. Turns out the ranch was originally owned by a family, that then sold it to a bank robber who had dealings with Buth Cassidy & Sundance Kid. Apparently, the govenment thought the bank robber owner was dead as they mistakely thought that they had shot him in Colorado so he was able to get away with robbing for years later as officially he was dead! Anyway, then went onto the Joshua Tree Forrest - the trees give no shade & have absolutely no monetary value - but they look nice! Then back via Hoover Dam for more pictures. Then back to hotel at 4.30 pm, then meal, then out on town to Ghost Bar on 55th floor of the Palms Casino last night. More partying to happen - will be going to a few shows today & partying later on at more clubs - about time to wear that shirt done by Elvis's tailor that I bought in Memphis! - more updates to come from Vegas as I will not be in San Fran until Monday and it is only 10.40 am Friday local time now. Well out & about looking at the hotels & going to a couple of afternoon shows today. Still hot, hot, hot. Lucky its only 65f in San Fran now as I will need to get acclimatised for going back to UK in a weeks time! More updates from Vegas to follow tomorrow!

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