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The City that always sleeps

Bocadillos all the way!


Just stayed 3 days in Tortosa on my way to Valencia. It is a beautiful city on the Delta Ebre. But I use the term city loosely. It is more a quite town as there was about one restaurant - of which when I entered one night at 9.30 it appeared just the owner & his family were the only patrons as they looked at me curiously as they tucked into their meal. Needless to say that I turned heel & tried to find somewhere else to fulfill my steadiliy increasing hunger. The only place that I could find was a place that served nothing but ´bocadillos´ basically baguettes with a choice of fillings. The service was good, but it was funny by the fact there was a full menu for what is essentially just a sandwich. Well ended up in an Irish bar for the three nights there. Curiously the Irish bar was the busiest bar in all of the town with 6 people in. That number also includes myself, the owner & the owners wife! Ended up drinking Guiness & watching horse showjumping on T.V. from Ireland. Oh well thats all part of travelling

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Absenta - not for the faint hearted!


Visited the Nou Camp yesterday and had photo taken with Ronaldinho on the pitch - or at least his cardboard cut out - I know sad! Also visited Sagrada Famillia, Parc Guell and other famous Barcelona sights. Went to Monjuic cable car ride to take photos of the whole of Barcelona city skyline only for a rainstorm to happen halfway up in the cable car - oh well not very good photo! In the evening, after stepping over many drunks on a backstreet of Barca got to one of the oldest bars in Barcelona - Bar Marsella - going from 1820. The decor inside proves its age as it looks like it has been untouched since then. And certainly not cleaned since then! Domesticies out of the way, the drink that they are famous for is abysinthe or absenta in Spanish. It is a sort of anaseed spirit. They serve you the drink with a small fork, a sugar cube and a small bottle of water. The local practice is then to balance the fork over the glass, place the sugar cube on the fork and then pour some water slowly over the cube until it melts into the glass. What difference this actually makes to the taste is probably miniscule but it changes the drink from a clear straw colour to a grapefruit looking yellow. It is suggested that this drink is mildly narcotic - certainly after one or two of these it is much more difficult to balance the fork over the glass - let alone yourself on the barstool! Still getting by with my broken Spanish & meeting loads of people. One thing that you notice about Barcelona that not even the Spanish speak Spanish - they all speak English. One woman at a cafe actually thanked me for speaking Spanish she says that no tourists bother in Barca. Barcelona is a great city, it never closes & it is hard to fit all of it in in the four days I have been here but it has been fun trying. Off to Valencia tomorrow which should be another good trip. Hasta luego for now!

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An Octopus, ladies of the night & whos Charlie?

Hola from Barcelona!


Well the travels have started again. I am now in Barcelona, got there yesterday afternoon. My hotel is right in the middle of everything. Weather is very hot. I have got the 2 day jump on & off tour bus araound the city. Going to the Nou Camp this afternoon & Gaudi´s Parc Guell. Went out on the town last night. Had authentic tapas, catalan meatballs, fried squid & grilled Octopus - was actually nice. Then walked around some of Las Ramblas went to some of the bars. Got propositioned by ladies of the night - of which I told them where to go. And does anyone know why some of the dodgy characters on the street keep calling me ´Charlie´? When they say want some Charlie? Want some what and my names not Charlie! (PS before anyone mails me I know what Charlie is!) Well back on the tour bus now to Camp Nou for Barcelona FC stadium. Hasta luego y adios!

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En Espana y es muy calliente!

sunny 28 °C

Another week, another city. I am now in Espana. Yesterday not very interesting day, but relaxing on beach & deciding which place to eat in the evening. Will have to go to the main tourist resort to watch England crush Estonia (I wish!) on Wednesday. It is hot here & my Spanish is getting me by - so far! However, I do not start my real travelling until 24 Junio then off to Barcelona, then Pamplona for San Fermin or ´The Running of The Bulls´ (remember the start of City Slickers!). Then to Zaragoza, Madrid, Cordoba, Seville por flamenco. Enough of mi muy malo Espanol! Hasta luego y will update soon after I am done chilling in South Catalunia the real travels will begin in Spain after June 24th more updates to follow then!

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Bridge & more good music!


O.k perhaps I shouldn't have finshed it there! Went to the Golden Gate Bridge this morning- as in Vegas three words but - cold, cold,cold! Just got on bridge before fog came down. Laughed at some of the tourists that were wearing just T-shirts & shorts freezing lord knows what off! Great photos though! Then went to Chinatown for a great meal - eyes bigger than belly or maybe not now!! Then went around to town & went to the crookedest (if there is such a word!) place in the world - Lombard Street. Just put it this way - the only way to drive is in first gear - photos to follow! Finished the USA in bar in Columbus Street listening to a great guy playing Ray Charles music & doing vocals - a great way to finish my USA tour! Just 11.5 hours on a plane tomorrow - should be fun !! Oh well, will get some much needed sleep before I go to Espana on Friday! Hard life - I know! Photos of USA & updates to follow in next few days when I download on my laptop back in UK!!

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