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Sevilla hasta pronto


This is my last night in Seville. I have actually stayed an additional 2 days longer than planned. I have visited the bull ring. Drunk 30 year old sherry. Ate ox steak - really good. Seen many flamenco shows and great guitarists. A great city for nightlife and above all it is the people that make it great. My favourite city in Spain. This blog is now coming to and end I will back in sunny (not) UK on Monday. Going back to Catalonia for a few days before flying back on Monday. All photos of USA and Espana will be updated shortly!

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More Tapas cold sherry & old port


Went to mthe cathedral yesterday and it is truly massive. In the night had tapas, cold sherry and old port that was as smooth as water! On tourist bus today!

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Football and Flamenco


From Granada I arrived in Seville yesterday. Hotel is great very central - right next to Cathedral. It actually used to be a 18 th century mansion. It has its own indoor square with a fountain in the middel and my room overlooks this. Visited the Alcazar yesterday for more palaces and gardens. Walked around Sevilla taking more photos. Then went into an amazing 19 th century mansion house that is now at hotel for a glass of 20 year old port. Truly the drink of the gods! With my pallate truly wetted and the sight of a familar logo, I then poped into an Irish bar for a Guiness. In there I met Paco or Frank in English. A very interesting chap. A retired gentleman, half Australian & half Spanish. He politely corrected me on some of my poor Spanish as I thanked him and bought him a drink. As we chatted, in my broken Spanish and his very good English, he told me about his work life. It turns out he used to arrange tours for professional football teams all over the world. He had some very interesting stories, about his time at various MAJOR football clubs in the UK and across Europe. After 30 years plus of doing this and 20 years in Australia working in football, he has come home to Sevilla to retire with his wife. A very interesting guy, but humble with it. I thanked him for the chat and offered him another beer, but he stated that his wife would not be best pleased! I wished him well and said I might seem him again in this bar whilst still in Sevilla. Then went back to the Hotel for 20 mins to get hold of my map of Sevilla - and essential for any tourist at all times noting the small size of the roads. One can twist and turn from left to right and not realise that they are only 5 minutes away from their destination. As per my attempt to get to a recommended falmenco bar. I asked about 6 locals and the police for directions, just for the road, after several bemused glances, incorrect directions and failed attempts on my part, I finally opted for the easy option and jumped in a cab. The cab was 2 minutes. As I walked into the flamenco bar I could here the strains of the haunting vocals and the fluid notes of the guitar and was hooked. As I stood at the bar, on stage was a senoritta stomping to the rythyms of the guitar. The beer was cheap and the welcome friendly. The show amazing and my Spanish still poor! All in all a great first night in Sevilla. Today I go on the tourist bus and to the Cathedral - the second largest chuirch after St Peters in Rome and where the tomb of Christopher Columbus lies. It is said that the builders on the Cathedral in Seville said ´let us build a Church so grand that future peoples will thin us mad´. Well the sheer scale, even from the outside, means that I may be in the Cathedral today for some time! Tonight more tapas bars. Still have 3 days in Sevilla and later today may try and buy and advance ticket for the Torreos (bullfight) on Sunday night at 7.00. Well hasta luego!

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For me one of the 7 wonders of the world


I visited the Alhambra and words are insuffcient to describe its beauty. From the perfectly aligned trees eitherside of the pathway welcoming you, to the overlook of the palaces from the Generalife gardens on your way out, your jaw is continously on the floor. Once visited you will long to go back. There are Muslim palaces, wide open patios with 20 ft fountains, roses 5 feet tall, Christian castles, view of the Serra Nevada. 4 hours I spent there and that was not enough. Many people have tried to describe Alhambra but I will leave the photos to speak for themselves when I get home.

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Eat for free in Granada


Went straight out around Granada. Saw the amazing Cathedral with photos to follow. Also saw the royal palaces where King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella are buried. It is an amazing mix of Arabic, Christian and Jewish heritage across the whole of Granada. In the afternoon had Egyptian tea in one of the many Arabic tea houses. Where you can also smoke fruit tobacco throught one of the Arabic pipes if you choose. One can also walk around the town and stop every two minutes to take photos as there is something special on every corner. In the evening I went to some of the bars. I ordered one beer and the person at the bar said ´no I give you free food´. Needless to say, this was a great night with my first taste of the true tapas tradition.

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